Run Free Missouri

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The Plan

On May 23, 2019 I, along with my support crew, will head out from Kansas City, MO running 30 miles a day towards St. Louis. I’ll take a rest day in Columbia, the capital, and should hit the St Louis Arch on Saturday June 1, 2019 crossing off state #10.


We’re raising money for Infant Loss Resources, a small Missouri-based non-profit that seeks to provide grief counseling and support after a sudden infant loss and to educate caretakers on safe sleep practices. As part of their prevention program, they provide "pack and play" sleep systems to those parents without cribs, providing safe sleep options.

I chose ILR in honor of Pierce Brown, the son of a childhood friend (Mikka) who passed suddenly in June of 2017. Mikka found support in Infant Loss Resources during the worst time of her life. $65 purchases one pack and play for a family. My goal is to raise enough money for 75 pack and plays.