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I’ve hidden out in my South Carolina castle for long enough, licking my wounds, reflecting on last year, and trying my damnest to cross “Finish PhD” off my “to do” list. It’s time for the next big thing. 
Over the next few years I’m going to run across all 50 states, even Alaska. 
I ran across the country in 2017 to give back to the communities that had given me a home away from home. And yes, a little for myself too, but now I want to help the communities that are important to you – my earliest and fiercest supporters. So my next goal is to run across all 50 states (even Alaska). I’ve never been a huge fan of hard and fast rules, but I do have some guidelines. 

  • Each state has to be continuous – meaning I start where I stopped the day before and no more than a single rest day in between 

  • Each route must be border to border. 

  • Each route must be a good faith route – meaning I can’t cross a corner and call it good. (Guess that means I have to do Texas and California all over again J)

  • When possible, I’ll run through each state capital.

  • And here’s the big one – each run must benefit someone besides myself. This can be a charity, an organization, or even an individual. I founded Run Free to benefit veterans, gold star families, and special needs athletes – but we’re not restricted to those groups. If you know of a family that might need help rebuilding after a fire, or paying for an unforeseen injury or illness, let me know. If you have a local organization that is changing lives in Montana – connect me!

  • These runs are to build communities. If you think I just absolutely must pass through the largest butter cow in Iowa, let me know. If you have a special date that you’d like a run built around, let me know. 

Three things I’m asking of you: 

I’ve always said that when I run Boston, it would be because I qualified, but when Kathy of Team Hoyt asked if I wanted to be part of the Team Hoyt Charity Team for Boston 2019, I instantly said yes. How could I not? Team Hoyt has been an integral part of my running life and my life in general. It’s brought me to my best friends, best races, and best self. I’m humbled and completely stoked to be running with the official Team Hoyt charity team this year. But first, I’ll run from the western border to Boston, finishing up with the Boston Marathon on Monday April 15 – you can see my route here:
Perhaps even more challenging is raising an ambitious $6,500 before stepping up to the start line, which is where I’m asking you for help. Every dollar goes to The Hoyt Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping raise disability awareness and helping those folks like Rick and Bella and the 1000s of athletes like them achieve the joy of running, biking, swimming, and competing. Through the foundation, The Hoyt Foundation supports research and programming for the Easter Seals and the Children’s Hospital in Boston, along with other local organizations. Check out all the great work they do at or below!
Please consider a donation to support this wonderful mission and my efforts to run across all 50 states by donating here: