Day 0:

“When you want something, the whole Universe conspires to give it to you.” Replace “universe” with friends and I’m on board.

I fully intended to spend today examining and articulating my feelings, but I really only had one feeling, irritation. During the two days prior to the biggest run of my life and my flight is cancelled and then delayed. My support vehicle dies. Tow takes five hours (yes five) to get a tow. Shop says can’t be fixed til Monday. UPS won’t hold my package for one additional day. The rack company doesn’t send a rack. Sends two attachments, no rack. Tee shirts aren’t ready. Luggage rack isn’t put on right. No parking spot for the van. After each “you’re kidding me” moment a friend steps in and saves the day, offers a car, a solution, their time, coffee. A friend drives down to surprise me for the launch. My mom sends me a photo and a sweet text. My love brings me back down to calm.

Long story short, about 10 things went wrong today, but none of it mattered, not really. I have my shoes, my phone, and an incredibly deep web of support. And that’s all you need, for any grand adventure. The belly full of pasta and vino drizzled laughs are just perks.

To tomorrow!